October 1997

Founded by Steven A. Norene

A veteran of the U.S. Navy 1986-2002

We know how challenging it can be to PCS move from base to another while trying to sell your current home as you take house hunting leave to look for a new one. With your MilitaryOne Source checklist in hand: turning off the old utilities and then having the money for deposits at the new ones, coordinating the packing and shipping with Move.mil, prepping the kids for the transfer from one school to another….the list goes on and on.

Worse yet, if you have to report-by before your old house sells, your family is back near the former base, and you have already reported to another. You are left wait desperately to hear from your real estate agent what is going on. You dread the thought of having to discount your home to get it to sell.

We created MilitaryPCS.net and the subsequent services related sites to help our military brothers and sisters with the process of selling and then buying their home by working with hand-selected, experienced, full-time real estate professionals who are eager to help our military families.

Thank you! for your service.

If you have any questions for Steve – reach him at sn@militarypcs.net