How MPCS Operates

Learn how we hand-select top real estate agents near our country’s bases, commands, and stations; then we match those top real estate professionals with service members needing assistance.

Couple working with a Real Estate Agent from our Free Matching Service

Verified top performing local real estate agents near your base, command or station.

It does not matter the company a real estate agent work for, it matter what their capabilities are.

Real Estate Vetting Process

Step 1: Location

First, we check the site of the base, command, or station. We determine if we have a partnership in place with a top real estate professional in the general vicinity.

Step 3: Email

Then, we send an offer email outlining some of the specifics we are looking for including a proven track record of success, full-time real estate agent, and has worked with active-duty military families in the past, and is eager to help our men and women in uniform.

Step 5: Verification

Next, if the application is accepted, we verify the application’s information and talk to their references. Then we interview the candidate to ensure that their personality matches our ideas. Anyone can hire skills, but you cannot teach warmth and sincerity. “You can’t fix jerk.”

Step 2: Research

Next, if we do not have a top agent in the area, or if we need to partner with more agents due to a surge in need, then we begin checking our sources, listings, reports, and databases to locate a select few candidates.

Step 4: Application

Followed by, if they express interest, we send an online them an application. We look to collect data on where they work, length of licensing, any certifications, such as Military Relocation Specialist, hours of availability.

Step 6: Acceptance

Finally, If they meet everything above, we send an offer email. This letter also set the expectation and core values we at MPCS embrace: timeliness, clear and frequent communications, honesty and integrity, dedication to the client, and always available.